• Saturday , 18 January 2020

Concrete Worktops: The Latest Trend to Style Your Home

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Do you want to renovate your home with concrete worktops? Then, this article is best for you. Read further to learn its pros and cons and other important things to consider. 

It cannot be denied that concrete countertops are getting more popular these days, especially for farmhouses. Meanwhile, it is also trendy to infuse your home and offer a rustic ambiance. Do you want to learn more about concrete worktops? Read on. 

Should you DIY your Concrete Worktops or not? 

You have the freedom to choose for your concrete countertops project. You can prefer for DIY or have it installed professionally. The concrete can be cast into different shapes and stained, pigmented, or textured with various finishes like stones, tiles and more. Its cost can depend whether you choose DIY or not. 

To give you a hint, the average cost of concrete countertops per square foot can range from $65 up to $135. Furthermore, the installation cost is about $40 to $50 per person per hour. You must also consider the time you need them. It can last 28 days for the concrete worktops to cure once it is poured. 

Pros and Cons of Concrete Worktops 

Pro: Concrete comes with great durability. 

Concrete is a good choice because it has the strength of sand and cement mix. It is also a wise design since it is durable, which has similar materials that can be found in the sidewalks. 

Con: It can also crack. 

One downside of the concrete worktops is that it can also crack. Meanwhile, there are some alternatives to prevent it from cracking. You can do this by placing rebar, fiber reinforcement, or wire mesh. Cracks can still occur due to natural settling of your house and pressure. 

Pro: You can repair the crack

You don’t have to worry since the cracks in your concrete countertops can be repaired. The fractures are commonly not noticeable, which makes it easy to fix.

Con: Concrete is prone to scratches and stains.  

The most complaints of homeowners about concrete are that it is prone to scratches and stains. Thus, the porous substance can absorb liquids and bacteria buildup that can damage the countertop. With this, you must make sure to seal its surface during the installation. 

It is said that sealing can make this particular home improvement scratch, stain as well as heat resistant. However, it is a fact that even sealed concrete can display markings like spills of red wine, olive oil, coffee, or juice. 

Pro: Creative and durable design. 

Your concrete worktops can be prone to stain and scratch. However, it comes with an elegant and durable design that is made from excellent materials such as marble and granite. It has a rustic appearance which can perfectly complement the style of your home. 

Caring for your Concrete Worktops 

If you want to keep its best efficiency, you must consider its maintenance. The best way to avoid stains is to wax your countertops every month. You must clean it regularly to prevent bacteria formation.