• Saturday , 18 January 2020

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing New Window Blinds for Orlando’s Home

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Whether it is about decorating for the first time for renovation, window treatments can’t be given a miss. However, there are certain common mistakes done by most of the homeowners and here is how you can avoid them. Let us learn more about it.

Blinds add to the functional as well aesthetic value of any room. So, how you can choose those blinds that help you achieve that perfect look you were eyeing for.

The most common mistakes


  • Trusting the untrustworthy


The most common and the most committed – buying blinds from an untrustworthy company. Don’t fall prey to low prices guarantee or other lucrative offers. They might make you spend more in the long run when you have to change the faulty blinds after some months again. A reputed company with high customer satisfaction rate and professional experience will never let you down. Choose them and make a wise decision.


  • Mismatch with the current decor


It is easy to get swayed by the plethora of options available in blinds – the style, colour and pattern. However, stick to your room’s decor basics. Think of what look you want to achieve, whether you choice will gel well be the current decor scheme. Gator Blinds offer you free professional expert home visit where they can help you choose the best or your homes with no compromise on quality.  


  • DIY, not seeking Professional help


Some people think that blinds can easily be fitted. It could be right in some cases, but do not shy away from seeking professional help.  Professional installation ensures that your blinds are fitted in perfect order. Little did you know that most of the companies offer free professional installation with every purchase.


  • Same blinds don’t work for all the rooms


You might be running out of time and think of this as the easiest way out, but don’t you think every room is different and serves a different purpose. So, why should there be identical blinds in all the rooms. When you are investing money, invest it wisely. Moreover, it will bring a little spice and make a world of difference.


  • Wrong measurements can lead to disaster


Don’t try to be professional yourself. If you are doing it by yourself, make sure you take the measurement couple of times in order to avoid inconvenience later. Any wrong measurement will not only add up to your time and money but also build up frustration. Call for free quotes and free measurement- it is better to leave the work on the professionals rather messing it up all.


  • Buying in a hurry


It’s true that home renovation projects take up time. Moreover, when you buy in a hurry, you always stand a chance to buy something that you do not need or does not achieve you the desired result. Do take time out and consider all the factors before making a buying decision.

Gator blinds is always keen to offer the best shopping experience to its customers when purchasing window blinds in Orlando. You could schedule free professional expert visit, enjoy free measurements and free installation with every purchase. Choose from the plethora of options in window treatments right in your home.