• Saturday , 18 January 2020

Are cellular shades good for Orlando’s Home kitchen?

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Kitchen remodelling project is on and you are looking for that one thing that would not only up the style quotient but is also highly functional. Have you thought of adding the cellular shades? If not, today we will tell you about how the cellular shades can add that extra value to your kitchen.


The construction of the cellular shades is different from all other window treatments and so is more durable and resistant to wear and tear for long. Since kitchen is a high function area, if you hang it once in the area, you need not replace it for years. Don’t worry,, it will not lose its sheen and retain its original form and functionality.

Colour options

Thanks to the manufacturers and the design experts, the colour options you now find in the cellular shades is just amazing. Colour coordinate or create a contrast, you would find these shades in all the possible decoration schemes. If after some years, you want to change your kitchen look, you can still use the same shades if they are in neutral shades or earthy tones. As already said, they are highly durable.

Energy efficient

The unique construction of the cellular shades makes it one of the most energy efficient window treatments available today. The honeycomb layers are excellent in offering light and wind blocking elements. Even the draperies cannot match them in energy efficiency, so invest in them for your kitchen to create a comfortable space for the woman of the house. After all, this is the place where they spend most of their time.


The level of privacy that you could achieve with the Orlando cellular shades again wins it the top position in the available window treatments today. When you have noisy neighbours or the ones who are always peeping to know what’s cooking; cellular shades are an excellent option. The solid design of the cellular shades will prevent people from seeing even the slightest of the inside movement.

Kids and Pet Safe

Pets and kids; we all love them. Well, sometimes their pranks and activities can damage the window treatment but not with the cellular shades. These shades will not lose its shape even when your dog runs into them; they will bounce back to its original position in matter of seconds. And well when you have cordless options, the chances of dangling cords or even strangulation is reduced to zero.

Stain resistant

The fabric like material of the cellular shades can be easily cleaned and so there are no worries of stain. Wipe off the stains with a simply soap and water solution; no colour would be lost be rest assured. Unlike curtains, that need to be washed or ironed regularly, cellular shades can be cleaned easily with a simple mop.